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Sacred Gems

This 3 hr transformational workshop includes: Kundalini yoga sets to purify your skin, increase your radiance and restore vitality. Shakti meditation to tune into the Divine Mother. Relaxing to a 33 min Gong/crystal bowl healing meditation. Creation of your own semi-precious gemstone Mala bracelet. Opportunity to connect with other beautiful goddesses. Yogi tea & snacks. And more! We will laugh, sing, move and connect! No experience necessary and beginners are encouraged. Contact Lynn Clyde: 613-572-2333 Etransfer can be sent to

Do you have a hard time believing in the healing power of crystals? It’s been an ongoing controversy for years.  Gemstones and crystals come from the depths of our Earth and vibrate with many different frequencies of Universal Energy. Our bodies are made up of Universal Energy which vibrates at different frequencies.  The different frequencies of vibration determine the colour of each stone or crystal. Thus, it is believed they each have their own very unique healing properties.  It is...