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July 2018

A good time was had by all at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Gong Mediation in Lynn’s backyard on July 27th.  There were 28 beautiful souls who made it to the event and they were all ‘gong with the wind’ by the end of it….. (get it?).  While listening to the gong, some people have the sense of being in a different dimension and others feel as though they are leaving their body for a short period.  Almost everyone says...

Do you have a hard time believing in the healing power of crystals? It’s been an ongoing controversy for years.  Gemstones and crystals come from the depths of our Earth and vibrate with many different frequencies of Universal Energy. Our bodies are made up of Universal Energy which vibrates at different frequencies.  The different frequencies of vibration determine the colour of each stone or crystal. Thus, it is believed they each have their own very unique healing properties.  It is...