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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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Sacred Chakra Stretch Bracelet

Vibrant smooth chakra gemstones with swarovski crystals and pewter om charm.

Chakras are powerful energy centers found within the body that represent our physical and spiritual energy.  It is believed that wearing gemstones associated with each Chakra will assist with balancing and energizing them.

Om - sacred sound of the universe, symbolizing infinite love and creation. 

Garnet - Root - powerful energizing and regenerating stone.
Carnelian - Sacral -
excellent for restoring vitality and motivation.
Yellow Calcite - Solar Plexus –
stimulates the intellect and will.
Aventurine - Heart -
comforter and heart healer that promotes well being.
Turquoise - Throat –
a protective and purification stone.
Sodalite - Third Eye -
encourages rational thought, objectivity and truth.
Amethyst - Crown -
extremely powerful stone that enhances meditation.

Swarovski Crystalsare made in Austria from minerals & pure quartz sand. The highest quality crystal bead in the world, known for the stunning way they reflect rainbows of light.

Pewter charm: approx. 10mm (0.4") Pewter is believed to bring good fortune to its wearer!

Bracelet Size: approx. 18.5cm (7.25") with 6mm (0.25") smooth gemstones.

Since every gemstone is natural and unique, the colors of the gemstones may not be exactly like the one shown.

Stretch Bracelet Care
Stretch bracelets should not be worn in water. Exposure to chlorine, lotions, body oils, perfumes or cleaning agents may affect durability or elasticity.

One Year Warranty on Workmanship

$39.00 each


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