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Monday, July 23, 2018


Hi and thanks for checking us out!  I’m Lynn Clyde and I’m a hippy (but I hide it well). Here’s my story (and I’m sticking to it):

Lynn Clyde-Devani Owner


Why Devani?

It took forever to choose the name DEVANI.  It is a Sanskrit name meaning “Shining Celestial Goddess”, which is how we would like you to feel when wearing DEVANI jewelry. Devani is also an Italian shoe designer – what woman wouldn’t want to be associated with that!

The nine pointed star in the logo is a symbol of completeness and represents kundalini power and the nine chakras of the body. It also represents the Kabbalistic sefira Yesod, the Earth, the Moon and the power of imagination (who knew? – that’s a lotta stuff goin’ on behind that logo!).

I believe in the power of karma – a portion of all sales is donated to charity and select pieces are provided to charitable events.


My Coolest Accomplishments: Giving birth to my son Keaton; jumping out of a perfectly good airplane; bungee jumping backwards; ziplining in Costa Rica; and surviving breast cancer.

My Journey

Oh, before I tell you my story, I should tell you what I can do for you – because you are like divinely important to me! I can provide you with a form of artistic self-expression through jewelry, using symbols, gemstones, and crystals – so you can be yourself and “wear your true spirit”. Maybe you want to celebrate an event, or express your faith or commitment to a set of beliefs, or maybe you want to feel the healing energy of gemstones, or just maybe you want to holler out “I AM A YOGI !!”. The best part is we have an outstanding customer satisfaction policy and great shipping rates. I am honored to have Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa purchase one of my necklaces. Gurmukh is truly an inspiration - also known as "yogi to the stars", teaching kundalini yoga all over the world and at her Golden Bridge Yoga Studios in Santa Monica and New York City.

Okay, so here goes: I began my artistic journey at a young age, designing my own clothes and undertaking many creative projects. Along the way, I completed a chemical engineering degree, a master of education and an MBA – go figure, all that to become a jewelry designer! My jewelry design career began in 2006 at a time in my life when I was trying to heal from the emotional and physical effects of breast cancer treatments.  I attended a gem show in my home town and the healing energy and beauty of the stones had a profound effect on me.  They unleashed a burning passion (for jewelry design, that is), and I went wild...........

My Designs

My designs are made with sacred symbols, semi-precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals (like, only the best). My design philosophy is that every piece of jewelry is made with a message in mind and has been given a name to describe it. I believe in the power of symbols and the metaphysical (healing) properties of gemstones and crystals. This information is included with every piece. The sacred symbols represent my commitment to spirituality and practices of yoga and meditation (Om). As a breast cancer survivor since 2003 (Waheguru! – which kind of means halleluiah), the healing energy of the gemstones and the creative aspect of jewelry design have been a very important part of my healing journey. I believe it is my path to share this beauty and healing energy with others.


Namaste, Sat Nam, Hari Om, and Peace my friends!

Giving Back

Devani is proud to support many fundraising events and charitable organizations:

  • Almost Home
  • Gilda’s Club Southeastern Ontario
  • Sugarplum Ball Kingston
  • Taylor Automall Drive for a Cause
  • Sherry Palooza Fundraiser
  • Pamoja Tunaweza Women’s Centre, Tanzania
  • Kenya Help Project
  • Help Tammy Help Haiti
  • Shelter from the Storm
  • ALS Kingston Fundraiser
  • Breast Cancer Action Kingston (BCAK)
  • Ramana’s Garden Children’s Orphanage, India
  • World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)
  • Limestone Learning Foundation
  • University Hospitals Kingston Foundation
  • Kingston Humane Society
  • Team Milne Fundraiser



Devani Jewels

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